Anonymous asked:

I have a blog where I write and lately I've been receiving a lot of comments that are discouraging. This one person in particular said that I am ignorant and should not be writing at all. I've contemplated deleting my blog so I wouldn't receive anymore of these comments, but I don't want to give them that satisfaction. What do you do when you receive rude comments?

Passive/Voice Answer:

I deeply apologize to whoever sent me this ask months and months ago. Don’t give up, keep going - but listen - truly listen to what people say about what you do.

Writing is a two way street - for yourself and for an audience. If your audience doesn’t enjoy what you do, you must think about who you’re writing for - ultimately discovering that fact will lead you to understand what you enjoy writing.

Your critics are your best tool, use them to discover your weaknesses. Without an outside voice telling us who we are, we’re left to internal devices that can be obscured with both ego and lack of self-esteem. Finding the middle is the key.

Sorry I haven’t been as active as you all have wanted me.

Let me know what I can do to make it up to y’all.

Teen Angst Reading

I’ll be doing a reading as a featured writer for OSU Urban Arts Space here in Columbus, Ohio on the 12th of July.

The theme is Angst of all kinds. Suffice to say I’m struggling trying to write something for the reading for which I have 15 minutes.

Any suggestions?

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pressing mouth, in bythereof

in course by, or beneath, or beside

that splitting wave across arms,

or legs, or therebeneathfor

what do i think when the worms wash in

or feel when they split their bodies

in half for the mulch

for the crest

across hands?

is it borrowed that withered touch

or is a stolen sip, tongued 

from a cup once washed clean.

poetry poem poet

joannamikhail asked:

Thank you :) I will try to not be emotional about what I write. But its like this constant inner struggle of insecurity and creativity and Truth and lies and la know about that I guess. But I do care about all my orphans, though. I just need to care about one at a time maybe, and see if I can finish just one..just one :)

Passive/Voice Answer:

Yeah joannamikhail, I suppose some would say I have the benefit of being almost unsympathetically brutal to the things I write.

I care about the idea, but after that I often leave my emotions and feelings behind. It’s more like being a parent I suppose. You obviously want to love what you do, but you can’t be blinded by it and you must make the right decisions in regards to what you create.

Maybe start at one but don’t spend more than a day finishing a piece. I’ve known authors that spend decades on a single piece and it is never fruitful, it is never worthwhile unless you’re James Joyce.


augustboyy asked:

Hey, thank you for sharing. I've done only 1 piece (a novel) from way, way back and it has taken me so looong (I'm talking years here) to finally get back to it and get it done finally. Those tips are really helpful.

Passive/Voice Answer:

I did that once. I took 3 years to finish my first book. It is a pile of trash now and what I learned was how to write a book without wasting time.

My novel after that took 3 months.

Good luck yorence.


joannamikhail asked:

How do you finish things? I have 100 started pieces, and the magic fades... Is it a just a matter of sitting down and doing it, and the commitment to creating a finished product? Or is there something I'm missing?

Passive/Voice Answer:

Hey joannamikhail,

I suppose I’ve got a secret to finishing things. There are a few tips I guess:

  1. Do things quickly without thinking.
  2. Remove your feelings about the piece entirely.
  3. Don’t care whether it is good or bad, just care that it is done.
  4. Don’t dwell on plot, structure, theme, if it is a poem don’t think about metaphor or anything like that. Just get it done and those things can come after. You don’t build a house by picking out the doors and windows first. You leave room for them, and finish the structure because a poorly made house can’t support even the best windows.

    Finishing should be your main objective when you start something, that is it. If you think, “I have a good idea for a poem about a boar.” Write your poem right then, sketch out the structure and start building it. Get the entire thing done as far as “being written” and then the fun stuff starts where you start adding and subtracting bits and pieces. You want the whole to be better than the individual pieces.
  5. Finally, if you’ve started 100 pieces and never finished them. Waste them. Delete them. Throw them away. There is nothing more stifling and defeatist than having 100 orphans waiting for you to care again.

    Good luck


First poem I’ve written in about four months. Enjoy.


White Boar - in the distance

where stained from predator.

once stood barefoot in the woods, the other

in a deep hole, ripe with gore.

His brushed shoulder bruised

from a kicking rifle, his full moon

he said. Sobbing black hunter, a wolf.

Matted knowing, hair pressed firmly

between things like teeth or fingers.

White Boar or Protector in the woods

past this place lay dead.

past these hands lay a White Boar.

White Boar once tore at its hind, rubbing raw

injured skin on the Hemlock rooting beneath

this place.

A dumb beast, no longer fumbling with

dumb things.

poetry poem poet writer

I can write up later how the whole thing went. Kenyon rocks.

superfangirlaway asked:

I was wondering if you could share your opinions and experience surrounding the Kenyon writers workshop, both pros and cons.

Passive/Voice Answer:

No cons. Made me a better writer 100%

Anonymous asked:

Hey! Just curious. As a writer yourself, do you find it hard to forge friendships with other writers?

Passive/Voice Answer:

Yes. I have one writer friend and he serves as my de-facto editor.

Am I a reasonable man with a good understanding of ownership, copyright, and intellectual property.

Which is why it sucks I can’t do anything about a recent discovery.

An idea that I created (but have no legal ownership of) and have done a considerable amount of original work with is being lawfully hijacked by a past employer.

What I will say is that my original idea was pitched to this person as a graphic novel based around a few original ideas I had inspired by Dante’s Inferno, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off & Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The last part being the most important, and eventual title of my work, “Beelzebub Has A Devil Put Aside For Me.” 

All-in-all, as many things are, the project fell flat after awhile due to lack of interest on my part and workload (it is a lot of work to make a comic book.) After many months of working for this duplicitous company, I wrote a resignation e-mail and left. 

Several months later, in 2014, they announce a comic anthology based around Queen.

Oh well, I’m not one to rest on previous ideas, past accomplishments, or strangely spiteful business moves against a single insignificant person. It is just a bummer. A Judy Moody Bummer Summer.

You can’t own an idea, you can’t copyright a thought, or claim ownership on a pitch. I never owned the words, the title is a creation of Queen, and my idea was a summation of many thoughts and previous ideas into one.

The best I can do is a be a little bitch about it, and whine that my “idea has been compromised” by a company with literally no standards for quality. The shit this company has produced…my god.

Oh well I say. Oh well indeed. 

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This was my piece I read at Kenyon University’s Writer’s Workshop over the summer. I finally managed to edit it and upload it.

I’m reading this in front of 80+ people, editors and readers for the Flannery O’Connor Award, Kenyon University Literary Journal, and others. It was a huge honor and something I’m still proud of today.

Watch the video and enjoy. 

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